The Markham Park South Boat Ramp is located at 16001 W State Rd 84, Sunrise, FL 33323.

This boat ramp has access to the East and West running canal adjacent to Markham Park. You will have a good shot at Largemouth Bass, Snook, Peacock Bass, Bullseye Snakehead as well as a myriad of tilapia and cichlids. As a side note, I have seen but never caught Tarpon in this canal. This ramp is free on the weekdays though there is a fee for park access on the weekends and holidays. On of the nice things about this ramp is that it is in the park proper. Once you finish with your boating adventure, there are plenty of spots where you can relax and BBQ or just let the kids run around and enjoy all the areas the park have to offer.


This boat ramp has one concrete ramp usable on both sides and it is long and deep. However the end of the ramp is not identified with signage. The dockage is made of durable material and is well-situated to allow for vessel staging as well as loading and unloading. Due to the lower-than-normal water levels when I shot the video however, they are a bit on the high side. The facility is very well-kept and there are trash receptacles nearby. On a side note, the room to maneuver is one of the best around. On the weekdays when there is almost no traffic, it is a great place to bring beginners or new boat owners to practice maneuvering with a trailer and loading or unloading the vessel. This is also a nice place to drop your boat in and work in the shade on your trailer.

Staging, Parking, and Stowing

Accessing the staging area is a breeze. Do note however there is a speed limit in the park that you should follow to avoid getting a ticket. There is hardly any traffic here on the weekdays though it can get a little jammed up on the weekends. There are around 20 parking spaces for trailered rigs as well as some visitor parking spaces, though visitors sometimes still use the trailer parking spaces. There is plenty of room when pulling your rig out of the water to stage and do your tie downs and road preparations. This ramp is near the cycling trail and it’s not unusual to see a wide range of non-boating cars taking up the trailer parking spaces.


There are no bait or food services in the area so you may want to make sure you pack a lunch and some drinks. BJ’s Bait and Tackle is nearby and I’m sure they’d be happy to help you with live shiners or any other bait you may want to use. Cast netting is always another option however you may not want to bet the whole trip on your ability to catch bait with the cast net. There are both men’s and women’s facilities in the parking lot, so that’s a big plus in my book.

Flat Trailer Tires of Frustration Ranking

  • ½ Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for only having one ramp and you know this will get challenging on the weekends.
  • ½  Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation For the height of the staging docks as it will be a challenge to board your vessel.
  • ½ Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for the limited number of parking spaces and them being used by non boaters.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for not having any bait or food services available.

Overall Ranking: 2.5 Flat Trailer Tires of Aggravation

You can check out the virtual tour here: