1455 Lake Ida Road in Delray Beach Florida 33444.

This ramp is the only access point to Lake Ida at the moment and is the only place I know where you can go after the most alien looking Featherback Clown Knifefish. This lake is also home to Largemouth Bass and Peacock Bass. There are rumors you can find Bullseye Snakehead here but I have yet to see or catch one in this waterway.  This ramp is free to use and is located in the middle of the park so after your boating adventure, you can relax and BBQ with the family or just use the facility and recreate. In this lake you will find people enjoying several types of boating including fishing, jetskis and water skiing.


This park has just the one ramp with two dedicated sides. There are cautionary signs in the area indicating that the ramp is steep and you may want to exercise caution when loading or unloading onto your trailer. Depending on the time of year and the water level there may be a bit of vegetation that you need to contend with as well. The ramp is deep and long however the ends of the ramp are not marked so larger vessels and trailers beware. One other source of aggravation for this ramp is that there is a walking path that bisects the ramp area. You must exercise extreme caution when backing into the ramp to avoid hitting unsuspecting pedestrians or biking traffic.

Staging, Parking, and Stowing

There is adequate area to park for both your trailered rig and your visitors. The parking area is a little compact and larger boats and trailers may find it challenging to maneuver in the parking spots. There are approximately 30 spots available for your rig and 20 spots for guests.


There is a very nice restroom facility located near the ramp and has both men’s and women’s rooms. There are no bait or food facilities at this location so you’ll want to plan ahead and bring food and drinks. If live bait is what you are seeking, you can either use your cast net or go to Sandy Hook Bait and Tackle to load up on your live shiners. 

Flat Trailer Tires of Frustration Ranking

½ Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for the foot traffic and waiting at the ramp.

1 Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for the docks being very high and the ramp being steep.

½ Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for having a walking path cut through the ramp area.

1 Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for no food or bait available.

I rank this ramp 3 Flat Trailer Tires of Aggravation

This ramp is one of the only ways to access this waterway that you can catch go after the Clown Knifefish so on the weekends it is busy with both recreational fishing as well as chartered guide services. The main lake can get a little crowded with all the jetski and water skiing traffic but with that being said, It is a nice place to fish and then recreate with the family once you are finished with your boating adventure.

Virtual Tour

Here’s a link to the virtual tour if you want to take a look at the video: