Kenansville Lake Boat Ramp 23625 Fellsmere Rd Fellsmere FL 32948.

This ramp is the only access point to Kenansville Lake and in its prime it was lauded to be a great place to catch Largemouth Bass. During this visit there were several challenges to overcome and I’ll get to that in each of the main sections of the article. One of the biggest challenges is the 12 miles of dirt road you must travel to get to the ramp. Although there were sightings of Sandhill Crane, deer and wild hogs, the dirt road is a nightmare to travel and the posted 35 mile an hour speed limit may be a little too fast. This road put quite a beating on the suspension on my truck as well as the trailer. If you want to get a good vibration analysis on your rig, this is the place to do it. One other item to note is that the majority of the lake was choked with hydrilla and a ton of other floating weeds making navigating the lake a bit treacherous. I would only recommend using a vessel with a very shallow draft to avoid getting stuck or bogged down in the vegetation. The ramp was free and clear of weeds when we launched but was completely covered in floating vegetation making trailering the vessel very challenging. I had to dunk the boat in several times just to get it sitting on the bunk board without all the weeds in the way.


There is only one ramp for this location and it’s a doozy. The angle of the ramp is very steep and I can only imaging how difficult it is when it’s wet. I recommend you only attempt this ramp with a 4×4 vehicle unless you are launching something like a kayak, canoe or small john boat. The ramp seems to be long and deep however there are no signs for marking the end. The little staging dock is a small floating dock and is very unstable. Use at your own risk should be posted on the dock and is not for the faint of heart. There is very little room to maneuver at this ramp and all the roadways and parking are unimproved dirt roads and surfaces.

Staging, Parking, and Stowing

The little floating dock is the only access point to your vessel unless you beach it near the ramp. The inclines of the levee make loading and unloading of gear a big hassle so make sure you launch with everything preloaded. Parking here is first come first serve and the only space that is marked is the one handicap spot. Staging for when you are finished is pretty much wherever you can find it. This area is a ramp in the middle of nowhere.


None to be found. You are 12 miles from the nearest paved road. There are no services available at this ramp.

Flat Trailer Tires of Frustration Ranking

  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for needing a 4×4 at the ramp as its steep.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for the staging area being a rickety mess and the end of the ramp is unmarked.
  • ½ Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for the room to maneuver being a little challenging.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for having little to no parking spaces.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for no bathrooms.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of Aggravation for no bait or food available.

I rank this ramp 5.5 Flat Trailer Tires of Aggravation

This ramp rates about one of the most difficult to use and gets 5.5 Flat Trailer Tires of Aggravation due to the fact that is simply a ramp in the middle of nowhere giving access to a lake that is barely usable by most motorized vessels. This ramp is for the seasoned professional and should be avoided if you are looking to just have a nice day on the water.

Virtual Tour

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