The Everglades Holiday Park boat ramp facility is located in Broward County at 21940 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33332.

This ramp will give you access to the Florida Everglades. You’ll be able to see all the Everglades things there are to see and have a shot at some pretty interesting fish. The primary target for most folks is Largemouth Bass, however there are other species that folks enjoy catching in the Everglades such as Peacock Bass, Alligator Gar, Oscars Mayan Cichlid and other pan fish.

This facility serves a dual purpose in that it is a staging area for Everglades air boat tours as well as a boat launch facility for recreational boaters. They do rent 14’ Jon Boats here so there’s that. This facility caters primarily to tourists and you can have a day on the water, get your picture taken, take an airboat tour, eat lunch and hold an alligator all in the same trip. However, that foot traffic and tourist revenue definitely takes precedence over recreational boater considerations at this location. Now for the ranking.

Number of Ramps

This facility has a single ramp with two sides and a concrete divider down the middle to help prevent the novice trailer operators from running astray and into your lane. At the time of this review, you will notice that one side of the ramp is barricaded off. I presume this is for social distancing enforcement but that is just a guess on my part.  

Depth of Ramp

The depth and length of the ramp is apparently deep and long however there is no marking at the end of the ramp. Beware big boat owners with long trailers as you may find out the hard way where the end is as the drop off is not marked. This ramp is ideal for vessels on a smaller, single axle trailer or no trailer at all such as Kayaks, Jon Boats or Canoes. Anything larger is going to be troublesome to launch and unnecessary for this type of waterway. Small pontoon boats will do alright here but anything large will be a problem.

Room to Maneuver at the Ramp

The parking lot supporting this ramp is poorly laid out in my opinion. When you watch the virtual tour, you will see why. This is not a place for the novice to practice their skills at the ramp unless the parking lot is empty. As soon as a few cars show up and park, the maneuvering area for ramp entry and exit becomes a nightmare. Not so much for the smaller vessels like kayaks and Jon boats, but for the larger vessels this can become incredibly challenging. On the plus side, only one boat can launch and recover at a time but on the down side, only one boat can launch or recover at a time. This ramp has high probability to be a very big headache during high usage times.  

Number of Parking Spaces

First, there is no parking for trailers at the ramp. All the trailer parking is located on the other side of the facility and as of this posting, the lot is currently under construction. This is a high potential for aggravation as not only may you find a long wait to launch, but you may find that there is no place to park and have to wait in line to recover and then go somewhere else to fish. There are maybe 10 spaces available in the trailer parking lot and that is being generous, as the spots are not well-marked. This is a train wreck for parking and if you are hell-bent on fishing here, you may be better off renting one of their boats. I would not launch my Center Console here simply due to the parking issues, but I would launch my Jon Boat or my Kayak. Without the trailer, I can park in the ramp area parking lot and avoid the quarter-mile hike from the ramp around to trailer parking.


This facility has more bathrooms that you can shake a stick at. You could bring a family of 10 and everyone can use the bathroom at the same time without any incident because there are so may restrooms. This is one of the nicest parts of the ramp as far as I’m concerned. No problems here.

Bait or Food Services

Another win for this facility is that they have bait, tackle and food services available. One big surprise to me is that the prices are actually reasonable considering this is a tourist destination. Nothing bad to say about this aside from the fact that you may have to stand in line for a bit to get service but at least they have the services available. This is a great place to take the family as they have many of the supporting services to keep everyone happy.

Additional Notes

Larger boats beware, this ramp driveway accessibility is challenging for boats with a wide beam, long length or tall height. Do not bring a long boat and trailer to this facility or you may not be able to maneuver your way out.

One of the ramps is closed off (possibly for social distancing). There is no good parking here and there is no parking when tourist season starts up. The boat parking is located on the other side of the facility and once you launch your boat, you’re going to want to make sure you pack a lunch ‘cause your gonna be hungry by the time you walk from the parking lot back to your boat. The ramps are free to use and the facility does have restrooms, bait and snacks available. You can even go on an airboat ride and see an alligator show if you’re into that sort of thing. This is the home of the gator wrestling folks as seen on TV.

This area can easily accommodate any single axle trailer or smaller vessels; anything larger than that and you’re going to be in for a very frustrating day. The ramp area is nearly impossible to maneuver in with anything larger than 20’. Bring your Jon Boat, Kayak, small center console or small bass boat, but anything bigger is overkill and bound to give you many memorable (frustrating) experiences.

Flat Trailer Tires of Aggravation Ranking

  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of aggravation for the limited number of ramps as they have one closed off so access for launching and recovering is severely limited.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of aggravation for the restriction in your ability to maneuver at the ramp entrance. Take a look on the virtual tour before you make the trip out so you have an idea as to your comfort level in maneuvering at this facility.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of aggravation due to number of parking spaces being so limited for trailers. There are 10 at best, they are poorly marked and we are all relying on everyone else to park sensibly to maximize the number of available spaces. Did I mention that its under construction…?
  • 1/2 Flat Trailer Tire of aggravation for the ramp itself as the drop off is not marked with any type of signage. You haven’t lived until you hooked your trailer off the end of a ramp.

Overall Ranking: 3.5 Flat Trailer Tires of Aggravation

I give this facility a rating of 3.5 Flat Trailer Tires of Aggravation for this facility. For more details, check out the virtual tour here: