The Griffin Marine Park ramp facility is located in Broward County at 2987 SW 45th St, Dania Beach FL 33312. From this ramp, boaters have immediate access to Dania Cut Canal, which connects with the New River, Intercoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean. Of important note here however, there are several low bridges between the ramp and the Blue Water, so big boats beware: plan your route accordingly. This is a bare-bones facility designed to get your boat into and out of the water, with nothing more to speak of. There are no other services provided, and it can be hard to get in and out during high traffic times. Spartan parking spaces is a big issue for this facility considering its access to the more popular waterways, though it is free.

Number of Ramps

This facility has a single ramp with two useable sides, which can be a headache on the weekends and holidays. It’s a side-by-side ramp, so hopefully your neighbor knows how to drive a truck and trailer!

Depth of Ramp

The depth of the water is generally good, but subject to change with the tides. The length of the ramp is also good when I did this review, however the dropoff of the ramp does not have any visual indicators. This can be a problem if you are bringing a trailer of significant length. You haven’t lived until you’ve hooked a trailer tire off the end of a ramp and don’t have a 4×4.

Room to Maneuver at the Ramp

The room to maneuver is good for all single axle trailers and smaller craft like jon boats, kayaks, canoes, jet skis and such. Anything bigger, especially during busy times, is going to be challenging and will most likely get your blood up as not all of your fellow boaters are professionals when it comes to offloading and loading their vessels. Anyone working to wrestle a bigger trailer in this area on a high-volume day may find significant challenges navigating the area, the obstacles, and any new boaters trying to launch or recover at the same time.

Number of Parking Spaces

There are ONLY 10 truck and trailer parking spaces available in the park, which means that if you are planning on putting in at this location, you may want to arrive early, especially on holidays and weekends. There is no overflow parking to be found and you will be one mad captain if you offload your vessel only to discover there is no place to park your rig. Additionally, there are only four guest parking spaces, and I have seen individual cars taking up the truck/trailer spaces when the guest parking packs up.


This is a utilitarian facility, spartan in nature and no restroom facilities are available. Make sure you and the family relieve yourself at home prior to making the trip to this ramp or bring a “honey bucket” just in case.

Bait or Food Services

There are no bait or food services at this location. Pack a lunch, Hippy, and load bait up on your boat before you get to this ramp or you may find yourself hungry and only able to use artificials. If you don’t have a cast net or a cooler, you can check out Competition Bait and Tackle only a few blocks away on State Road 7. They can help you out with your live bait and food shortages.

Additional Notes

Larger boats beware, this ramp is steep and driveway accessibility is challenging for boats with a wide beam, long length or tall height.

This is however a great access point for all smaller craft. For bigger boats and trailers of the two axle or more flavor, you will want to make sure you have that 4×4 just in case. Parking is severely limited even for guests. Show up early or you may not find a place to park. This is a nice ramp during the less busy days of the week but if you plan on going out on Saturday afternoon, you may want to consider a different location as this parking lot fills up quickly. Make sure you use the restroom before embarking on your adventure and bring your bait and beverages as there are no services in the immediate vicinity. This is not an ideal family boat ramp and bigger boats may want to consider a different launching point. Competition Bait and Tackle is nearby if you need to stock up on gear or bait.

Flat Trailer Tires of Aggravation Ranking

  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of aggravation for the limited number of ramps and the staging docks being limited as well. You also will need a pole vault, parachute or extension ladder to get to your deck once you are ready to board your vessel after (maybe) parking your rig.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of aggravation for the limited number of parking spaces. Imagine your anger at getting your vessel launched at the ramp and tied off to the staging dock with your family already boarded waiting for you to park and board only to discover that you have to recover and launch somewhere else because there are no places for you to park your rig.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of aggravation due to the lack of restrooms available at the facility. If a honey bucket is required, you are not going to have a good time. If you have ever taken the family out on a trip and have had to use the honey bucket. You will understand how important a restroom can be at the ramp.
  • 1 Flat Trailer Tire of aggravation for the absence of any type of bait or food services. No Bait, No Food means you are on your own. Get good at throwing a cast net or be an artificial snob and this shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure you stock up on snacks and beverages before you get here cause its barren and dry.

Overall Ranking

I give this facility a rating of 4 Flat Tire Trailers of Aggravation for this facility. For more details and a virtual tour, click the video here: