It has occurred to me that there are a great number of folks out there who want some better information on boat ramps that they have never been to before they trigger and make the journey.

There are so many variables that can prevent you from a successful launch or from having a good time. Variables include things like limited parking spots, impossible maneuverability at the ramp or parking lot, restroom availability, ramp water depth, length of the ramp, ramp width, and ramp drop off. And those are just a few of the variables that can completely change your Saturday trip!

You haven’t lived until you’ve put your boat onto the water only to discover that the water was so low that upon backing in that your trailer tires dropped off the end of the ramp and you are now hooked onto the ramp. I’ve done this before and was lucky to be in a 4×4 beast capable of pulling the trailer off the end of the ramp. Had I not had my 4×4, it would have been a “Qualified Captain” moment for sure.

To help you and other boating enthusiasts, I decided to do a boat ramp review and rate the ramps around South Florida. I will be reviewing both saltwater and freshwater marinas and ramps for launching the vessels I own: the kayaks, a 12-foot Jon Boat, and a 21-foot Center Console. In each assessment, I’ll include an information section to provide things like latitude, longitude, address, accessible waterways, and whether its fresh or salt or both.

My ranking system will be based on a scale of potential aggravation, and the best analogy I can think of is flat trailer tires. I can think of very few things at the boat ramp that is more frustrating than having a flat trailer tire, especially if you don’t have a spare. I will rank the following factors for the facilities based off of the number of flat trailer tires of aggravation.

  • Number of Ramps: A low number of ramps for a very desirable area will result in one flat trailer tire ranking. As an example, if the location only has one ramp, it will receive one flat trailer tire. If the facility has four ramps it most likely will not receive a flat trailer tire.
  • Depth of water at ramps and length of ramp to drop-off: If the ramp has low water and a short drop off, it will receive one flat trailer tire.
  • Room to maneuver at the ramp: Difficulty maneuvering at the ramp will result in one flat trailer tire.
  • Parking spaces: If the facility has inadequate parking spaces, I’ll give it another flat trailer tire. As another example, if the facility has four ramps and twenty parking spaces, I will rank the number of parking spaces as one flat trailer tire due to the inadequacy of spaces to park.
  • Bathrooms available: No restroom also earns a one flat trailer tire.
  • Bait or food services available: No bait or food will haul in another flat tire.

The perfect boat ramp will be a dream come true on a fair-weather Saturday just before sunrise, and will be a zero-flat-tire rating. A zero-flat rating means you have the perfect start to another fine day full of fun and adventure. Bring the family!

A full Six Flat Trailer Tires Rating may very well result in a divorce, damage to your truck or boat and very possibly a trip to the hospital. These are the types of ramps where you are best leaving the women and children at home and only the hardiest of hookers will survive.

I will include an overall assessment as additional notes and I will also provide a YouTube video from my channel outlining the 6 rated components which should give you a good visualization on what you can expect before you make your trip. I appreciate your support and I look forward to helping you out. Please subscribe/follow and I hope you have another fine day full of fun and adventure!

Image by Marsha Sortino from Pixabay