Every morning you wake up you have a choice. You get to determine what mood you are going to be in. Are you going to be in a good mood or in a bad mood? There are many factors that can go into how you approach your day, which can get incredibly complicated. However, it really is incredibly simple to ask yourself, “What kind of mood am I going to be in today?”

You can train yourself to make a conscious decision on how you are going to approach the day by forcing yourself to make a decision on what your mood is going to be.

Developing good habits takes practice. That’s right, you are not born with high level skills in all aspects of your life and improving any skill takes time and effort. Good habits take time to develop. The same is true for bad habits. You are constantly developing and reinforcing good and bad habits every waking hour of your life.

Take sleeping for example, are you taking an active role in developing good sleeping habits or are you letting external factors dictate your sleep pattern? We very often lose sight of exactly how much control we have over our own mood and how you start your day.

Starting your day with a positive attitude has a significant impact on how your day will transpire. Train yourself to get the day started on the right foot. When you wake up, ask yourself what kind of mood are you going to be in. Say it to yourself in the mirror, write it down on a sticky note on the coffee machine. Train yourself to be in control of the mood you choose to be in and prevent the world from owning your emotions.

Image by Ann Jury from Pixabay