A long time ago I found myself in a bit of a funk. I had gotten into a rut that I just couldn’t seem to get out of and I felt as if the world was passing me by. I felt like I was just marking time and not really having a significant impact on the world or anything. I wasn’t terribly negative but I wasn’t exactly positive either. I was stuck.

At the time I wasn’t really hanging around with positive people and I needed to get myself on track. I can’t remember exactly when I came to the realization, but I figured out that I needed to make a change. I did some introspection and was determined that I wanted to be a positive influence in the world, though I wasn’t sure how I could be better.

I settled on taking a small step. I made it a goal to see if I could make one person smile in a day. If I could just make one person smile in the day, I would be contributing to making the world a better place. One of the things I discovered while on this mission of joy is that when you make eye contact with strangers and smile at them, they have a tendency of smiling back. I found my tool!

I made it a point to smile at total strangers everywhere I went. I was shocked at how powerful this behavior could be in improving not just my life but the life of complete strangers. Can you imagine a girl walking down the street and she is feeling frustrated or invisible, and out of the blue she is greeted with a smile from a total stranger? To see this girl’s face light up and watch her stand a little taller and watch her negativity disappear even for just a brief moment is powerful.

I’ve seen it happen and I’ve made it happen in an intentional manner. I chose to bring Joy into the world and I do it my intentionally trying to make at least one person smile in a day. Imagine how impactful you can be when you have this attitude all day long. You have the ability to bring joy to the work by orders of magnitude depending on how many joyful interactions you engage in throughout the day.

Bring your smile and try to make someone’s day. You will be surprised how much better your life will become when you intentionally go out to bring joy.

Image by Wilhelm Eder from Pixabay