This series of videos documents a fun little expedition out into the Everglades to find a new bass spot. I can safely say the adventure was met with great success!

In this first video, I caught a big ole South Florida Everglades Bass using a Yozuri 3DS 4-inch suspended minnow. I’ve had great success with this lure all over South Florida with many different species. The scale showed 2+ pounds, however you’ll see that earlier in the video the scale was malfunctioning, so I’m not sure of the true weight of the fish. According to my fish-tale-telling abilities, that bass was at least 36 inches, and 25 pounds… Just kidding, still a great day out there so far!

A little while later, I caught quite a few largemouth and one fairly large gar. This was a fishing hike that I took to explore new areas. I did not see much by the way of peacock bass, snook, snakehead or tarpon however there were plenty of gar, largemouth bass, armored catfish, carp, ciclids and tilapia.

Hiking a little further in was well worth it!